Welcome to Linkage Research, where you’ll find a dedicated team of insights professionals committed to helping our clients build real-world, effective strategies to reach their customers and consumers with the right products and messages.

Michele DeKinder-Smith – President, Linkage Research & Consulting


Whenever we’re posed with a research question, we want to understand the question behind it. How are project objectives related to business objectives? What will your company do differently dependent on the research results? By aligning our project intentions to underlying business objectives, we work with you to design research that clearly impacts your bottom line.


Our client relationships span years – or even decades – because we’re committed to being a best-in-class partner. That means helping you get creative when budgets are tight, pulling “all-nighters” if it’s absolutely necessary, and most importantly – getting to know your industry and care about your business as much as you do.


We excel at data mining, ensuring your research serves multiple purposes. How can A&U results inform and influence your distribution partners? What segmentation insights should be used to train your sales force? What industry or generational trends are emerging in your tracking data? Our clients rely on us to dig deep into existing data when new business objectives come to light.